The Phillips Firm in the News

The Phillips Firm has successfully represented a number of high-profile clients throughout Los Angeles. Read about some of our most recent accomplishments below and do not hesitate to contact our law firm if you have any questions.

Recent Successes

- The Phillips Firm was recently asked to represent Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith fame) in a multi-million dollar lawsuit involving a catastrophic injury. Mr. Phillips was able to settle the case on very favorable terms for his client when prior counsel had not been successful in doing so.

- The firm represented R&B singer and dancer, Chris Brown, in litigation arising out of an alleged altercation with a paparazzo at a Los Angeles health club facility.

- The Phillips Firm was involved in a complex construction defect case involving the defense of a contractor who was involved in placing temporary shoring on the north side of the 210 freeway extension. Over 2,500 homeowners in the Rancho Cucamonga area have brought suit against our client, various other contractors, state entities, and the State of California.

- The Phillips Firm represented as plaintiffs a large group of bus drivers in a class action suit against the LAUSD, alleging that the School District misclassified the bus drivers as part-time employees for the purposes of denying them their property wages and benefits.

- We recently served as general counsel to a major Chinese ocean carrier and a warehousing company. We handled all aspects of their litigation and draft their contracts, settlement agreements, and leases.

- The Phillips Firm recently represented celebrity/rocker Axl Rose and Guns N' Roses in connection with an alleged assault case.

- In another matter, we are representing a major refinery contractor in connection with a case where it is alleged that a toxic spill led to a career-ending injury of a railroad operator. For the same client, we are also defending another case wherein the plaintiff received severe burns due to the release of scalding hot crude oil from the piping at an oil refinery.

- Our lawyers are currently representing several major homeowners associations in connection with claims brought by individual homeowners alleging toxic mold exposure.

- The Phillips Firm represented a Mexican company that was sued for personal injuries related to a meat grinder that the company manufactured and distributed in Mexico. The meat grinder wound up in California, where the plaintiff sustained his injuries. Plaintiff filed suit in the Santa Monica Superior Court on theories of negligence and products liability, naming both the Mexican corporation and one of its officers. The Phillips Firm challenged the lawsuit for lack of personal jurisdiction and prevailed. The Mexican corporation and the officer were dismissed from the lawsuit.

- A plaintiff was injured when the glove on her right hand caught onto a moving sprocket of a metal detector machine, pulling her hand and arm into the sprocket and causing crushing injuries to her right forearm and wrist, including three bone fractures. Even after she underwent three surgeries, a scar revision, implantation of permanent hardware in her arm, and suffered significant scarring on her wrist and arm, we were able to settle the case for the policy limits.

- We represented a large pool filter manufacturer after a corporate executive sustained catastrophic brain damage while changing the filter to his residential pool. The plaintiff underwent a frontal lobotomy, and as a consequence, his intellectual level was reduced to that of a grade-school child. Despite the plaintiff's catastrophic injuries, we were able to significantly reduce his settlement demand, and caused the settlement to be split by several defendants.

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